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As background, centralized mail delivery refers to a mail delivery system where the letter carrier provides delivery and collection services for a number of residences from a central location. This form of mail delivery has become common in both single-family and multi-family communities and is generally preferred by the United States Postal Service because it is less expensive to operate than traditional mail service.

Centralized mail delivery equipment can come in the form of any “clustered” type or style of mailbox. Common examples include free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster box units (CBU) or other types of similarly clustered mailboxes mounted in a wall, shelter or kiosk.

In 2005, the USPS published new specifications that became the standard for all cluster box unit (CBU) manufacturers. Only manufacturers that are approved and licensed by the USPS may produce the new “F” series standard CBU.

Each CBU is designed to have multiple lockable compartments, one designated for each address in the community. The new “F” series design also incorporates a locker for larger parcels and an outgoing mail slot for resident convenience. Depending upon community size and resident preference, there are also individual outdoor parcel lockers (OPL) available to increase the total amount of parcel lockers available within a single neighborhood installation.

Customize Cluster Mailboxes with Enhancement Options

Cluster mailbox units can be customized by selecting from a variety of USPS approved enhancement options such as tapered caps and decorative bases. Also, choose from an assortment of colors and finishes to further customize the CBU. At this time, the only decorative elements officially approved by the USPS are caps and pedestals.

CBUs can be configured as standalone units, grouped with other multi-unit mailboxes or integrated into a decorative architectural community kiosk structure. Cluster mailbox kiosks can provide the most wide ranging customization with the concept of the structure able to be tailored to the architectural theme of the neighborhood.

OnSight is an authorized dealer of Florence Manufacturing 4C and cluster mailboxes. From forming and pouring concrete pads to constructing decorative community CBU kiosks, OnSight can handle your cluster mailbox project from design to installation.

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