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3 Steps to Creating Appealing Marketing Signs

Have you ever wondered whether or not your indoor or outdoor signs are perceived as appealing? Do they effectively market your brand, products, or services in a welcoming, visually appealing, and informative manner? Does the appearance of your signs make your products and services more attractive to your prospects?

Successful exterior and interior signs should:

  1. DEVELOP BRAND EQUITY – Use words, pictures, or symbols to associate your products or services with your line of business. Include your logo or trademark on your signs to reinforce your brand and add value. Make sure your sign program is consistent with the rest of your marketing elements.
  2. DRAW ATTENTION – Your interior and exterior signs can draw attention with proper design, placement, and attractive architecture. To further emphasize your message, consider the use of banners, flags, avenue banners, and fence mesh to promote specials.
  3. PROMPT A PURCHASE – Your sign should make prospects want to stop and shop or utilize your service. The proper typography, size, color, and angle all play a role in visually enticing your prospects to buy your products and services. A properly designed and fabricated sign builds trust and confidence in your brand.

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